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Challenge 51: Daddy Dearest

» You may make a maximum of six icons; comment below with your icons; comments are screened.
» No animation; everything else is allowed.
» Icons should fit LJ standards: under 40kb, 100x100, and in .gif, .png, or .jpg format.
» Challenge Ends: Monday, June 9 @ 11:59 pm PST.

I enjoyed seeing a little bit more of Jackson Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo Sr., and Eli David in Season 8. This challenge is going to focus on the episodes that included these characters. You are not required to include any of these characters in your icons, but all of your caps must be from an episodes in which one of these fathers made an appearance. The links above include a list of the episodes in which these men guest starred. If you're in need of some screencaps or episode still, check out this site. I just found it today. Isn't it pretty? 

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