Kelly Min a.k.a “Miss Min” (moonshinefaerie) wrote in icontest_ncis,
Kelly Min a.k.a “Miss Min”

challenge #52; a man walks into a bar.

» You can make a maximum of four icons; comment below with your icons, comments are screened.
» No animation, everything else is allowed.
» Icons should fit LJ standards; under 40kb, 100x100, and in .gif, .png., or .jpg format.
» Challenge Ends: Friday, July 8 @ 11:59 pm EST.

For this challenge, you will be iconing the episode "A Man Walks Into a Bar" (8x14). You have your choice; you may use the screencaps I have provided OR you may select any from THIS ALBUM. Of course, as long as the caps are still from A Man Walks Into a Bar, you may use any site you choose.

Tags: challenge 52

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